Monday, June 08, 2009

TMS is just an excuse for MRI.

Some months back a friend mentioned that he was participating in a TMS study. This was vaguely interesting. Then he said that it was done in an MRI machine and that he'd received copies of the data. This suddenly became very interesting. And so I promptly forgot about it for months.

But, in the end, the stars aligned, and last week I once again found myself in the close embrace of a giant donut-shaped machine, and now I can proudly present my brain on hydrogen.

Not only does this pander to my ongoing quest for self-documentation, but it might also, in the light of recent studies, be particularly interesting for this brain (also, I'm very glad to discover that there aren't previously undetected massive voids in there, either. Hypochondria, tick). I'm told FSLView can make volumetric measurements, but I haven't made much headway (heh, heh, ahem) with that yet, though it sure does make pretty fly-throughs.

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