Friday, July 10, 2009

I think it's time to stop pretending that I'll ever have time to maintain a blog again. Finding an hour spare to pen something thoughtful yet witty is an impossible dream, and there are many higher priority things to blow such hypothetical intervals on (like reading a book, dammit).

Journey to the End of the Night was fantastic. I don't have time to chase down a link. Toorcamp was ridiculous in so many ways, but also a great weekend. Again, no time to link, let alone to properly write up the amazing levels of dysfunction and bastardry perpetrated by Levitate on Toorcamp's organizers. I just drove a spotlight for a real Grand Guignol show. I don't even know what that means.

I might just about manage to annotate photos as I upload them (well, maybe not the dozens of through-the-window shots of Columbia Gorge that my fellow passenger snapped once I pointed out the camera to him), but that runs into the problem of authoritative sources - some things are better tracked on Facebook, but I trust Flickr more (guaranteed unlimited quota also helps). And it's hard to find time to upload photos anyway. I was excited to see that the new Eye-Fi support ad-hoc networks, so I could theoretically have it pair with my Android phone and insta-matically start uploading as soon as I snap photos, but then it becomes necessary to filter them at some later post-upload point, when I've only just gotten to the stage of deleting crap photos as I take them rather than spewing them all over the Internet.

Of course, I could just revert to dumping streams of consciousness onto the blogosphere. Verbal diarrhoea much?

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