Friday, July 03, 2009

(Posted after a week sitting in draft, delayed due to the fact that 400 hackers can't keep up a single Internet link in the desert)

Toorcamp, 10 hours in. So far I've held down the Noisebridge dome in a dust devil to keep it from flying away, mocked and jeered other people's tents, carpets, bags and clothes as they've sailed off into the sky, helped carry an unconscious person to safety, and been blackmailed into moshing to some completely forgettable bands - the owner of the missile silo site has diverse business interests, it seems, including producing some bands who were trotted in here at short notice to perform after Toorcamp confirmed they'd have hundreds of people showing up - access to the silo was then made conditional on us making a good showing for the music video. Breach of contract? Perhaps.

The other interesting thing is that there's a clever wind generator thingy which is supposed to be running all the concert electrics (did I mention diverse business interests?), but has in fact been idle while diesel generators roar in the background. Do you suppose they'll mention that in the concert DVD? Or will they claim it as a success for their green energy technology? I'll take bets.

What else? Oh yes; physical assaults by the owner's security people on those who were unenthusiastic about the blackmail, rumours of human defecation in the silo, bears, dust, stupid human politics all 'round, and the usual consequences of gathering hundreds of people in a bizarre location on a whim.

Needless to say, I'm having a great time. I suspect we aren't going to get access to the silo after all, given this evening's shenanigans (ask me about the inflatability of condoms sometime), which rather negates the main point of driving for 15 hours to get here. But seeing sunrise over Oregon mountains and fields was just about worth it all on its own.

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